A blog experiment by Brad Mills.



The phrase "Weirdbook" started as "The Weird Book" in my eighth grade English class in 1984. "The Weird Book" was the title I chose for a journal we were required to keep in that class. The journal continued after the class was over, and the name stayed.

Each journal after the first one received a sequence number in the same vein as movie sequels. The tenth one (written in 1987-1988) saw the merging of the words "weird" and "book" into "weirdbook", and the twentieth one (written in 1992) dropped the word "the" altogether, leaving it with the title of "Weirdbook 20".

This series of paper journals stopped a few times and started back up again (16, 24, and 31 being the biggest stopping points). As of 2013, I've started a paper journal again. To quote a friend: It levels me.

For a brief period — roughly a month or so — the contents of the first 31 journals (with the exceptions of 4, 7, and 22) were available on the web at The original paper copies were destroyed in a fire and the digital copies are no longer publicly available.

The domain was resurrected in 2009 in the same vein as movie franchise reboots to become what it is today: a public-facing collection of thoughts, observations, and commentary.

So — "Weirdbook" is an umbrella term for my life narrative, some of it facing the world and some of it not.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the W. Paul Ganley fantasy and horror zine of the same name, though I'll note that it, too, has recently been resurrected.

First written May 27, 2009. Updated January 14, 2016.