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I've turned commenting off here. It's been that way for about six months. I got a couple of emails about that, but I'm leaving them off for the foreseeable future. There's been a declining number of comments over time, and while there were plenty of additions to the conversation, there was also a nontrivial amount of spam to deal with, plus — let's face it — eight years later, there are now other bigger sites where the "conversations" are happening.

Jason Kottke addresses this much better than I.

I could easily tie this site into one of the "big dogs" to get a stream of commentary going again... like Facebook or Disqus or whatever. I'm not going to do that. First, this is an independent site (fiercely!) and I'm not interested in orbiting those stars. Second, what would be the point. If you're running a site with other peoples' widgets and such all over it sending tracking data and who knows what else hither and yon, at some point you have to admit that it's no longer your site, and you're really just a shill for the big guys. And third, with the levels of vitriol on the Internet these days, I really don't want to be the thought police, especially on a site I'm paying money to run.

Last... it's kind of a pain in the ass, right? I mean, you have to put in your name, and an email address, and then type out a bunch of stuff, and pass a captcha, and then wait and see if the comment gets approved, and on and on and on. Who needs it? Besides, I think all people really want to do is give a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Hence, in lieu of a proper commenting system, I give you anonymous voting. Two buttons, up and down, and not tied to any platform anywhere. They don't get shared to all your friends, they don't track your movements across the web, they don't do anything except let you give my words a yay or nay without telling me who you are or anything else about you. That's it.

And I promise one day I'll write about something worth your upvote.

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