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Going forward

Say what you will about 2016. I think it was a very good year.

I know... people died, and the Internet collectively lost its mind. Yes, some of them were surprises, but it's not like it was really surprising — isn't death the great uniter, after all, the one thing we all eventually have in common? Wasn't it just a matter of bad timing this year to lose so many pop icons at once? I mean my grandmother died this year too, the second of two in the last three years. I have lost three grandparents in the last five years, and generally speaking, none of it was easy. It never is.

But I'm a fighter. This was the best year of my life. I won an award for writing, I wrote more this year than any other year I ever have as an adult, and I submitted professionally for the first time ever. Multiple places. None of them took, but that's fine. Sitting on your hands guarantees failure in this realm. I am out there and trying, and thus, the odds are increased infinitely. I think the expression is "fortune favors the bold" — though I don't remember who said it, and I'm not going to look right now. Maybe it was Nicholas Cage.

And — it was very much a year of opening doors. I'm standing at a critical point in my life, one where everything afterward will be different, and it all revolves around a very simple truth I discovered earlier in the year. All things will flow from this truth and every action I take for the foreseeable future will have this truth at its heart and motivation. People will accept this or reject it — and those who reject it have no place with me. It's that fundamental. I know that sounds vague, and I'm ok with that. I know what it's about and what I'm about.

So here are some goals I have for 2017. Not resolutions, because that's trendy, and I don't follow trends. I don't even use Facebook anymore. I bet you never even noticed I deleted my account, did you? I deleted my Google+ account too, but I don't think anyone considers Google+ trendy anymore.

  • Keep going forward. The burning bridges shall light the path before me.
  • Zero bullshit. A low tolerance for bullshit has been the case for awhile now, but I've decided it's time for a zero tolerance policy. Life is too short and my time is far too valuable.
  • Keep writing. I already do so more days than not, so it's not a hard habit to maintain. It is, in fact, very much a welcome and comfortable place, one I wandered away from for too long. No more.
  • Keep pruning. I've jettisoned many things from my life which no longer serve me and purged a significant amount of junk which has held me back. This will continue.
  • Eat less, move more. Ok, this applies more to the last few weeks, which have been an endeavor in slothfulness and gluttony. And it's been great! I have no idea what I weigh right now, but in the morning, it's back on the scale and back to semi-regular exercise. (Dammit.)
  • Pay attention. This often goes by the phrase "be mindfully aware" — but let's not mince words here, time is short. Pay attention.
  • Cook more. You know, I love cooking, and I'm pretty good at it, or at least that's what I'm being told. Even when it's something as simple as oatmeal. And it's healthier and more economical to boot. Why not?
  • Grow a huge garden. This year's will be the best ever.
  • Love the right people. No further commentary is required here.
  • Begin the seven year plan. Bwah-ha-ha-ha. Wouldn't you like to know?

That's enough for starters. 2017 is going to be an even better year than 2016, and trust me when I say there's an alchemy at work here. Gold is everywhere.

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