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Sunset Grill

So I've kind of picked up a regular watering hole; a place called Timothy's in downtown Charleston. I'm there a couple of nights a week along with several other regulars. While it is indeed a drinking establishment, I go for the great food, the company, and the Team Trivia game we play while there. My drink of choice is the always popular dihydrogen monoxide. Pretty recently I ordered a Diet Coke, which really confused the server, which in turn speaks to my lack of proclivity towards consuming alcohol on trivia nights. It is — quite literally — a watering hole.

The staff there knows me by name. My brother was in town last night for a visit and we headed to Timothy's because it was already one of our regular trivia nights. The place was pretty dead because ZZ Top was also in town. (Fun bit of trivia about ZZ Top: one of the three members does not have a beard, and his name is actually Frank Beard.) Anyway, we went through a quick game. There were only four teams there and our host was pretty dismayed about the low turnout too. And when the bill came, instead of having a table number or location, at the top it said "Brad and his brother". My brother chuckled at this. Later that evening, I heard him talking to his wife on the phone, and he said, "The place is like Cheers. It's in the basement under a restaurant, and everybody knows Brad's name."

I haven't seen Cliff Clavin there yet, but there's at least one guy who sort of looks like him, and a few others who act like him.

Pretty recently, a different kind of clientele has started coming into Timothy's about an hour after trivia ends. It turns into a slightly seedier scene, and there's often some kind of altercation. A police officer I know who handles this kind of thing told me this is usually bad news for a bar, and it's easier — not to mention safer — to just have places with nightly disturbances shut down versus calling in Charleston's finest night after night after night.

I totally get the logic behind that, but I don't like it. Neither does he. "I like the place myself," he said. I will admit, though, there are more pressing matters for the Charleston Police Department to deal with at night than stupid bar fights.

I don't know what happens next here, but sometimes all one can do is wait and see.

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