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The holy grail device, finally

Awhile back, I put a collection of mp3s onto a 32 GB microSD card and put said card into my old Nokia E71x phone. Voila — instant dedicated mp3 player. I wanted to have as much music with me as possible, so I maxed out the 32 GB card and carried two devices around, using my real phone (the HTC Inspire) as a camera (and I guess as a phone too, ha). Near the middle of 2013, I upgraded, getting an HTC One to replace the Inspire. I would have moved the microSD card over to the HTC One, except it didn't have a card slot. So instead, I moved the card up to the Inspire, and officially retired the Nokia. I probably would have kept using the Nokia, really, but it didn't like the Bluetooth adapter I bought for my car stereo. The Inspire liked it just fine. Choices were made. I must have music when I drive, it's not even a question or discussion.

I continued this arrangement for pretty close to three years, until I got my current phone, the Moto X Pure from Motorola, a few weeks ago. It does have a microSD card slot, and it also has plenty of onboard storage for pictures, so at last, I'm able to put all my music on one device which is also my phone, camera, and whatever else phones do these days. Except... wait, this is only a 32 GB card, and I have a lot more music than that, so I can't really say this is all my music.

At least I couldn't until Friday, when a nice little package showed up on my front porch containing one 128 GB microSD card.

So as of now, I'm carrying one device which talks to the Bluetooth adapter in my car, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds I picked up for free via a rewards program exploit, and my new watch. And I now have all my music on it. Yes, all. I even included "We Are the World" and Metallica's Saint Anger. I can control the music with my watch or with the Bluetooth thing in the car. It's like magic. I feel fancy. And it's all on the phone itself, so I don't have to rely on having a good cell signal to listen to it. The HTC One continues to serve me too, connected to the radio in my bedroom, continuously playing the sounds of ocean waves.

The 128 GB card has just under 35 GB free on it, so there's lots of room for more music — at least 250 albums. Yeah, this should work for awhile. I can't imagine I'll get 250 albums over the next few years. Ain't technology grand?

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