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Delayed connection

Two wires through the wall, connecting upstairs and down with a flow of electrons. That is all separating me from having yet another phase of the endless kitchen remodel completed. The items needing the wiring are a hood over the stove, a thing which seems to have been absent from this house in its entire seventy year history, and one new outlet I've dubbed "Brad's folly" because it has been nothing but a self-inflicted pain in the ass.

It will happen, it's just a matter of getting it right. I am obsessing with everything. Electricity is not something to play with lightly — I'd rather have a house than a pile of ashes. That plus a shortage of weeknight hours in which to be fully OCD about it (and believe me, to be fully OCD, you need a serious time commitment) means it isn't finished yet. With a full couple of weekends on the calendar, it may not happen until December 1.

I've come to the conclusion that home improvement projects, for the most part, suck. My skills in that area aren't exactly superb — I do ok but I'm far from an expert. I'm way too careful because it's my house and I don't want to tear it up. I think that's a reasonable precaution. Though I found a quote on some forum or another which leads me to believe I may be overthinking it: Houses are, more often than not, built by the vendor with the lowest bid.

No one can beat my low bid, and I've waited long enough that a bit longer won't hurt a thing. And by doing it myself I'll have the knowledge it was done in a manner I approve of. I guess that makes the delay worth it, and in the long term it won't matter — but it's frustrating to be this close to making it happen and lacking the time I think is necessary to do so.

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