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At some point Saturday night, the moon shone across my face as I slept — either that or all the talk of the so-called "supermoon" got into my head — my dreams were filled with lunar activity. Specifically, the moon had become a place where tourists could visit, and my family and myself were the orb's caretakers. It was a lonely and thankless job. Tourist "season" was only at certain times of each month, I suppose due to the lunar orbit, and the in-between times consisted mostly of getting things ready for the next cycle of people.

It was one of those odd dreams which seemingly have no connection with reality at all, yet feel completely, utterly real when immersed inside — and which stick around haunting the mind for days afterward.

Earth The strongest visual from the dream was earthrise. The Earth climbed up into the black sky, a big blue and white circle with swirling oceans and clouds reduced to just another object in space. Earth crossed the lunar sky in only six hours. That doesn't make any sense at all, of course... it should be much closer to ten or twelve hours. And as the Earth crawled upward, along with it came a visible mass of various space junk — satellites both living and dead, old rocket boosters, and all the hundreds and thousands of objects spinning around our planet. These things looked like small stars both leading and following along in the Earth's path across the sky. I noticed they actually formed a band extending from one horizon of the moon to the other, and the whole band was moving in unison like a big ring across the sky.

I realized the moon was merely another object orbiting along in that band of stuff, and that despite all our efforts to take care of the moon, our assigned task in life, the Earth was the central figure and always would be. Like I said, a lonely and thankless job.

When I woke up, everything inside me screamed this was an "important" dream whose meaning, if any, would be revealed in coming days and weeks. Hopefully that meaning will be illuminated by something a little stronger than moonlight.

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