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A win for the good guys

Completely by accident, I discovered that WV Public Broadcasting grabbed one of my photos and used it in a news article. Way cool! I didn't expect that because I'm nowhere close to being a decent photographer, but I'm glad it was useful.

For reference purposes, we both wrote about the recycling center on Slack Street. Here's my post about it closing, and here's their article about it opening back up. Oh hey, by the way, the recycling center has opened again.

All photos I create and post here are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. In human language, that means you have permission to use my images for pretty much whatever you want provided you give me credit and don't use them for commercial purposes. I think that's a fair deal. If I'm putting stuff on the web I obviously don't care if it gets shared (good luck preventing it) — just as long as I get credit.

WV Public Broadcasting failed to give me credit, so I griped a little on Facebook. I honestly had no intention of making it into a big deal at all, I just wanted to vent some and put it behind me. Well, apparently it's good to be connected. The webmaster for WV Public Broadcasting heard about it, and in less than 24 hours, my photo got a byline.


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