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Tribute of toys

On March 24 there was a house fire on Arlington Avenue in Charleston. That's close to the northeast edge of city limits where Pennsylvania Avenue turns, without fanfare, into US 119 and parallels the Elk River toward communities I am very familiar with — Mink Shoals, Big Chimney, and Elkview. I pass Arlington Avenue every day on my way home from work.

Nine people died in that fire. Seven of them were kids staying overnight for a birthday celebration. Horrible tragedy. The house was destroyed, and all that remains now is a blackened and boarded-up skeleton.

And this tribute.

Tribute of Toys

It looks like every kid in the neighborhood donated to this wall of toys lining the edge of the burned property. It reminds me of the memorial wall of flowers the public spontaneously placed outside Kensington Palace when Princess Di was killed.

Any further words I could offer would probably diminish the message this tribute sends, but I felt the picture needed to be shared.

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