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The natives are restless

Crackpot theory: There are filaments which run throughout the universe — call them strings if that makes you happy — and these carry a certain pattern or energy along with them. Sometimes these intersect with our region of spacetime, and when they do, that pattern or energy manifests into conscious reality.

Told you it was a crackpot theory.

Anyway, for the sake of argument, let's say it's true, and let's say one of those filaments is intersecting with this here and now. The energy along that filament, and thus, the theme for the foreseeable future: Change.

Some manifestations around me, personally: I'm working on two website overhauls. We've purchased a new vehicle.

"Out there": Internet censorship in America. Shots fired at the White House. The Occupy movement, spreading, escalating — and, despite my earlier pooh-poohing, becoming interesting. The revelation that certain members of Congress on both sides of the aisle acted in ways to line their pockets while the United States economy crashed and burned all around them. That last one pisses me off, but I've been saying they're all crooks for many years. That it's a fully documented fact in mainstream media now (i.e., not just one of my crazy ideas) and there aren't yet thousands of folks marching on Washington with pitchforks really pisses me off.

In the tech world: A new service called Google Music (which looks very promising). The imminent death of Adobe Flash. The dethroning of Ubuntu.

This is all within the last two weeks or so, by the way. Somebody stop the world for awhile so I can catch my breath.

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