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The wolf ate my homework

After a night dreaming I was being pursued by a wolf, I woke this morning feeling like someone had scrubbed the inside of my lungs with steel wool. So I took the day off. Nothing huge, just a so-called common cold, but a pretty powerful one.

I spent most of the day cozied up with the html5 spec and dozing. It was a perfect opportunity to work on this year's novel experiment but I did nothing of the sort. I didn't feel up to it. I'm not feeling it at all this year, honestly... just over 600 words in, and nowhere to go. November is a long month, so I'm not giving up entirely — but right now it doesn't look promising for the home team.

As for today, I needed the rest. I slept a large chunk of the afternoon away, woke to the disorientation of the sun shifted halfway across the sky and casting unexpected long shadows... but feeling a hundred times better.

Sometimes you get the wolf, and sometimes the wolf gets you.

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