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The Innocence Mission

I don't know if other people actively seek out music or not. I let music find me. It comes along when it's meant to, and it either influences or doesn't. My tastes, as a result, sometimes tend toward the eclectic. True, I'm a pretty big fan of Porcupine Tree — and, I've found, progressive rock in general. Moving further up the family tree, I favor a good portion of rock in general — though I have been known to listen to a wee bit of country on occasion, some new age stuff, 60s psychedelia, easy listening from the 70s, just about everything from the 80s since that's technically "my era", and a good chunk of indie and ambient music.

Hey, it's worked so far.

Sometimes I'll stumble upon a piece of music, and if it's been out for awhile, I'll wonder why I haven't heard it before. I'm in one of those modes now with a group called The Innocence Mission. My attention has been on their first full-length album from 1989, also called "The Innocence Mission". The lead singer has a strong voice which can reach into high places, the lyrics are — well, let's say it — uplifting, the sound feels light, the instruments, almost acoustic. I've found a few sources which lump them into the Christian rock genre, and indeed, they reached number two on Billboard's "Hot Christian Songs" chart in 1986.

Ahem. A bit of a misnomer, that chart name... but I digress.

The album is pleasant to listen to, though a pretty big departure from my usual selections of late. And the more I listen to it the more resonant points I find in it... whether a turn of phrase, a tone of voice, or a change in tune. I keep wondering if I would have had the same reaction to it had I discovered it in 1989, when it was released. Probably not, though some of the aforementioned turns of phrase and so forth remind me, oddly, of myself at a younger age. It makes it hard for me to be objective about it.

I'm glad it finally came along for me, and as for influencing — it definitely is.

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