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House of cards

Today I overheard someone talking about taking their kids to Vacation Bible School this evening. My first reaction was wonder that people still did that. Fun fact: I, too, did the VBS thing in the summers when I was young. I suppose my reaction came from that perspective, then — of something I did when I was younger, hence, something I have outgrown.

I'm not saying those who hang onto those beliefs are immature or anything like that, so don't even go there. I may not believe those things, but I will defend to the death your right to believe them. Besides, it's really no worse than the strange amalgam of Kabbalah, string theory, Zen, Tarot, horticulture, and quantum physics I call belief.

It was odd hearing the phrase because it invoked memories of those summer evenings, literally decades ago. Papercraft and popsicle sticks and glue, verses and stories, giant easels with words to songs on them, cookies and Kool-Aid. I guess there might have been some actual discussion about The Christ mixed in there too, but honestly, I don't remember that part.

I don't want this to turn into a dissertation on faith. But I feel, at a systemic level, out of sorts lately. Many people, when they feel out of sorts, have religion to fall back on. I don't have that... not really. I have more of a shabby "here's one way the Universe might be put together" house of cards than a solidified religious belief. And really, I don't know that it would hold together any better than anything else out there.

The Kool-Aid and cookies may not have been much, but for what purpose it served, at the time, it was enough.

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