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The joys of Netflix... I'm running through Lost, which I never really got into when it was originally on the air. It's very cool to have this as an option. I enjoy watching three and four episodes in the evening without any commercials. I enjoy that it's only 45 minutes per show, so four episodes only take three hours of clock time.

Yes, I know, it's Lost. It's sooo last decade. I also hear there's this great social website called MySpace, ha-ha-ha.

And yes, I know how it ends. Perhaps one of the most difficult to avoid aspects of modern culture (for whatever that's worth) is the spoiler. But you know, despite this, it's not really taking away from my viewing experience.

I think the show is a good metaphor for life. We each face our own personal struggles and demons, but we push on. We interact with others, sometimes working together, sometimes working against each other. We're each trying to get away from the things which trap us or hold us in place, whether internal or external. We are each, in a sense, on our own island.

We aren't sure what's coming next, but we all know how it ends.

Season one is almost finished, and so far, I'm impressed. I've seen shows falter after an excellent first season, though (ahem, Heroes) — hopefully Lost won't be one of them. If it is, I hope to find that out by watching the rest of the series. Also like life, the journey is what makes the difference.

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