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Shifting patterns

For what it's worth, this blog has been up and running for two years. Today is going to be one of those dreadful cop-out entries which mentions that fact, discusses it a bit, and tries to play catch up. Hey, at least you got fair warning.

I've cut back here quite a bit over the last few months. There's no getting past it... I have a fairly busy, and often tiring, life. Please note this is not necessarily a bad thing. It simply means I don't have the time to do everything, and things get shifted off to the side to make room for other things. This blog is getting shifted off to the side.

This sounds like goodbye — that isn't my intent.

I do have a few projects in the works. Last summer we went to an outdoor movie night hosted by Paledaddy. He'd been extending invites for awhile, and things kept getting in the way, but we finally went and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Well, I'm trying to throw together a similar thing one evening this summer... something which may morph into a cookout and/or game night as well, depending on who shows interest in such things. So far, the biggest obstacles are: lacking a projector to do outdoor movies, and finding a weekend everyone has available. It would seem my chums are as busy as me.

I'm doing a weight loss program thing too. I hate the word "diet" but that's exactly what it is. Post-vacation, I got on the scale (mistake) and discovered I had topped my previous peak weight. Not by a sizable amount (ha ha), but enough to prompt me into action. So, I'm on the Hacker's Diet, which has always worked well for me in the past. It's basically calorie reduction and pep talk. Having been through it a few times I'm dispensing with the pep talk and just getting straight to the tofu of the matter. I know what I need to do and why, thus: eating less and making informed choices. Over the years I've found (as have many dieters) that losing weight is easy — keeping it lost is a bitch. But that part is several months from now.

Much of the rest has been the typical "go to work, shuttle kids to and fro, lump the remainder on the weekend" madness. Honestly that eats up a much larger chunk of time than one would think. It is what it is, and blogging all that minutiae seems redundant since everyone else is also going through it or something similar. You need no reminders from me that you need to go to the store or tote a kid to piano lessons or some such. In fact, you'd probably rather forget.

Last but not least, the tiring aspect. As I get older I feel the need to go to bed earlier. In the past, evening has been my writing time. That's an ancient habit. As my evening hours become fewer and fewer, that time has grown slim — and so, consequently, has the writing. The last few weeks have been especially tiring for some reason, so by the time everything has settled for the night and I'm ready to go, it's bedtime. So I need to shift things around a bit... break that ancient habit. Hard to do when life is already full of the aforementioned "go to work, shuttle kids to and fro, lump the remainder on the weekend" madness.

There are a few comments I'm going to make about those who always seem to have enough time for everything, but it won't be tonight. You guessed it... tired. Tomorrow, then. Or maybe Saturday or Sunday.

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