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Corn sex

A round of storms and wind woke me this morning. As morning progressed, the skies cleared, so I planted some corn in the ground while it was still wet. There were a few bare spots in the corn patch which needed to be filled, but I had some leftover corn plants growing on the front porch which filled them in perfectly.

I've got the corn growing in phases this year. This is an experiment. The hope is to harvest it over a period of several weeks instead of all at once, so that way we can have a few ears here and there instead of fifty or more all at once. The first phase is all planted and growing like crazy, some of it is almost waist-high already. There's an old farmer's adage that corn should be knee-high by the fourth of July. I've already got the old farmers beat, apparently.

The next round of planting starts soon. I soaked some corn seeds in a cup of water for 24 hours, then I took them out and put them on a damp paper towel. I've got this covered with cellophane and sitting on a plate in the window. As of this evening, about half the kernels have roots coming out — a few have little red and green shoots appearing. (Yes, red... I don't know why. The corn isn't talking either.) If there are enough of them, tomorrow will be "get these things in some cups of dirt" day.

They'll be ready for the ground in a couple of weeks, maybe ten days. Then one more round of the same. The air will be filled with corn pollen for weeks. In fact, one of the more robust plants out in the corn patch already has stamens peeking out at the top. This isn't a big deal for people who grow acres and acres of corn, but since I only have a handful of plants by comparison, it's a big deal to me. It's the biggest deal of all to the corn, of course — it's how they reproduce and make more corn.

It looks like the corn's pretty happy. As long as it's happy enough to "get busy" and keep getting busy, we shall eat well later this summer.

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