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Full moon fever

First off — it's Saint Patrick's Day, hence the green. ♣ May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back.

Speaking of green, it's popping out all over. The demonic honeysuckle vines plaguing the yard are greening up, and in the morning as I walk from the parking lot to my office building, I pass a few trees with new leaves on them. There are a few forsythias blooming now and on several nights I've heard chirping frogs. Ah, spring. ♥ Perhaps best of all, my perennial winter funk is ebbing; this despite the apparent end of the world taking place all around.

Let's see... Japan and Egypt and Libya, for starters, and NPR, and Wisconsin, and Michigan. There is a lot of crazy shit going on. Interestingly enough (or perhaps not), there is a phenomenon called a supermoon this weekend. The moon is going to be simultaneously full and at perigee — and this perigee is just about the closest the moon can ever get to Earth. We hope so, anyway.

I tend to disregard astrology in the general sense. It's interesting to speculate upon and play with, but I believe the "science" behind distant planets' direct influence on us is pretty much crap. I do, however, believe the moon has a strong influence on the Earth and the beings dwelling upon it. Any beach dweller could vouch for that, as could the grunion, a fish which spawns during the very high tides caused by the full moon. As could anyone who's worked in the emergency department or labor unit or psychiatric ward at your local hospital.

I don't know if this supermoon has anything to do with the current round of disasters, but if it doesn't, it's definitely an interesting coincidence.

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