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Lost and found

Ok, true confession: I'm kind of a pen geek. I always have been. It comes with the territory. Over the last couple of days, I've been looking for a set of Zebra Sarasa Gel Retractables I bought a few years ago. There were ten colors (three different shades of blue, if I remember correctly) and if you're a visually-oriented person (like me) who needs to mark up a huge printed document (like the first draft of a novel, let's say), they're as close to perfect as you can get.

Anyway, they've disappeared. No idea where they are. I've checked the places where I'd likely stash something like that and still no luck. I've got some decent substitutes (being a pen geek and everything) but I'd still like to know where the original Sarasas are. For this particular task, they were my favorites. And yes, I know I could just go buy some others, but it's the principle of the thing.

Said principle being that I hate losing something. It's one of those things that makes me batshit crazy. Our office had a "Secret Santa" gift exchange this year and I bought my person a Books-A-Million gift card. Well, I lost the gift card... so on the evening before the gift exchange, after searching all over the house and coming up empty, I gave up and went to Books-A-Million and got another one. Then I found the original a few days later. The batshit crazy was pretty severe in this case because I remembered having the gift card in the house and I had a reliable witness to back me up. At one point I was convinced it was mistakenly thrown away, so I dug through every garbage can in the house, peering through old banana peels and coffee grounds. And let me tell you: We drink a lot of coffee in this house.

Batshit crazy.

There's an old expression, "It'll turn up when you least expect it." So in that vein, I found a few interesting relics today while looking for the fabled Zebra Sarasas, including an old Chri$t, Inc. concert flyer, some Camp SAGA t-shirts, and a Stark Raven newsletter. Good stuff... none of which was really lost, but I'm glad I found it all anyway. It was a good reminder of a person I used to be.

"Everybody's so different, I haven't changed"

Joe Walsh, "Life's Been Good"

I suppose I'm still that same person in a lot of ways: listening to the music I like because I like it, recording life's events as they pass, digging around in old boxes of memories, searching for one thing and finding another. Well, it's worked so far.

And yes, I'd still like to find those Sarasas, but I'm just going to use the substitutes for this project. I've come too far to get hung up for days looking for something that may be lost forever, and it sounds like an excuse just looking for a reason to stick around. Not this time, dammit!

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