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Nearing the end of December, and I've still not looked back at the so-called novel I wrote. The wait is going to be a bit longer still. I really need to quit calling it a novel — it's an early draft. Putting a raw steak and an uncooked potato on a plate and filling a glass with grapes does not mean you've made a meal. These things have to — respectively — fry, bake, and ferment. I suppose that's what's happening now, whatever the literary equivalent is. I just want a little distance between myself and what's written down so I can approach it with a (hopefully) refreshed perspective.

For now, I will be enjoying the holiday. I don't feel like I got a chance to last year... too much going on at my prior jobby-job. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty going on now too, but it's all stuff that can be easily confined into a normal workday. I spent today finishing up some stray tasks and chatting with the other people in my office and on my floor. They're good folks.

The festivities begin tomorrow. I'm making bread right now, and in the morning, I'm throwing together some dough for crescent rolls. Apparently my bread is quite the sensation. Who would have guessed? Hopefully the crescent rolls will be too — this will be the first time I've tried making them. They'll be joining a traditional Christmas ham and lots of other goodies tomorrow afternoon.

My office mate and I were walking to our cars after work today and he asked what my plans were for the holiday. I grinned and said, "Eat like a motherfucker." He laughed, and said his holiday would probably be similar. We discussed the possibility of dieting when 2011 arrives, and I clued him in to The Hacker's Diet, which I've used successfully before. The problem — and I think this may be true for all diets — is the next step, which is maintenance after reaching your target weight. As the old adage goes, losing weight is easy — the hard part is keeping it off. But I'm not to that point yet. One step at a time, right?

So... after the holidays, perhaps, back to it.

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