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Thinking of an old friend

One of my old college friends lost her husband this evening. I can't even imagine what she's going through. Let me just say for the record that there are far too many people near me (myself included) losing their loved ones of late, and while I understand this is all part of the Great Wheel of Life, that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Susan is one of those people who makes friends naturally, just genuine and there for you if you need her. We used to hang out quite a bit in school, partied hard, laughed and cried with our chums, and then life tossed us in different directions. We reconnected at the great virtual reunion known as Facebook and chatted from time to time, marveled at how much time had passed, remembered old friends and good times — the usual.

At some point the newness faded and we each became part of the ongoing endless Facebook chatter. Occasionally I'd see her put updates about her husband being sick, but he was about the same age as us so I never thought it was anything serious. Turns out I was wrong.

Tonight, an outpouring of support from all those friends she's made and connected or reconnected with (myself included). I remember those days. I wonder sometimes if "those days" are just becoming more and more the norm. In fact, at Thanksgiving after we got the news about Papaw, I told Dad I suspected this was something I'd probably see more and more of as I got older — he told me that suspicion was correct.

It's one thing to lose a parent or grandparent, but to lose a spouse... again, I can't even imagine. Susan will certainly be on my mind the next few days.

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