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It's here!

First snow We got our first big snow of the season yesterday, and it's still ongoing a little bit and will be through Monday afternoon. Shortly before the brunt of the storm hit, we made a mad dash to Kroger — not out of a need to stock up before the storm, like many folks feel, but because we were out of a lot of things and needed to go to the store anyway. The timing was just unfortunate.

I expected Kroger to be a zoo with the triple threat of Saturday afternoon, the storm rush, and the pre-Christmas crowds... but it wasn't too bad. I really can't blame anyone for wanting to stock up after last year's big storm, though. We were inconvenienced by that storm and lost power for several days, but we live close enough to a major road that we escaped when the situation evolved from short-term to medium-term. Quite a few people were stranded for days with no electricity and no heat and no way to go anywhere, and many were stuck in their cars on the interstate... so I'm trying to keep it all in perspective. Being gun-shy is perfectly understandable.

With that said, AccuWeather is predicting two more inches of snow through Monday, and the National Weather Service concurs. If one can put any faith in long-term forecasts, AccuWeather says we're getting more of the same in the next two weeks... and one of the local fortunetellers agrees.


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