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I'm losing the boundary between myself and this gargantuan story. The word count is well-past 30k now and knocking on the door of 35k. Plot lines and characters are coming to me as I sleep. My main character has been nameless most of this month, and yesterday, I was led to the correct name by a dream. All this time I thought I was chasing a dream — perhaps it is chasing me.

There have been ups and downs, easy days and hard. Yesterday was hard. It felt like pushing a bus up a mountain sideways. I think getting that name was the big moment for the day, that and the ensuing search and replace session. A few other folks need names, but the big ones are in place now. That's a good feeling.

I say all this fully knowing that, in the final product, the names may be different than they are now. For now, though, they feel right... and that's enough.

This has become the driving force in my life, and it's reflected everywhere. I love and hate that. After the name came to me, it started popping up in various places in real life — some kind of cosmic confirmation that it was right. And having just finished working through a section where one of the characters was ill, this morning I woke up and felt ill myself... so much so that I crawled back in bed around noon and slept until after 3:00. After that I felt fine. I have no explanation for this, but it is definitely not normal for me.

Ten days to go....

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