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A quick NaNo update

I can't believe I've written almost 7000 words in four days. By the end of this week, barring disaster, the number will be over ten thousand. A lot of what follows in this entry will be some of my scattered thoughts on the writing process, and this one in particular. If you're not interested in that, thanks for stopping by anyway — you've been warned.

There's a "letting go" process involved in the first phase of writing, and I always forget that until I'm in the thick of it. This is definitely the first phase — fairly loose and unfiltered, though still technically and grammatically correct, as that's my way. March, by the way, is NaNoEdMo — National Novel Editing Month. Not as large a movement as NaNoWriMo, but definitely a necessary one. That's phase two. I'm not really tied to March there, as I think it'll happen when it's supposed to.

Mostly though, right now, I'm plowing forward and looking back only to make sure I maintain a level of consistency... you know, no gaping holes or disappearing characters or anything like that. Overall, the process has not been nearly as bad as I'd anticipated.

It's required just a slight shift in real world activities. Most notably, I guess, I'm not nearly as active on Facebook. I pop on occasionally to see what everyone is up to and to check messages (necessary to stay somewhat informed on the ongoing medical issues plaguing my family), but beyond that, very little Facebook for me. Take that, Zuckerberg.

This weekend, my first "meeting of the minds" with some of my fellow scribes. I've been conversing with some of them on the message board for this project. Pushing forty, it looks like I'm the old man of the group. That's fine. I look to kindred spirits who once guided me — Neale Clark, Devon McNamara, Doug Yarrow. I feel I'm in good company.

I feel like I'm fulfilling a part of my destiny. I should have done this years ago.

Ok, time for this submarine to submerge again. In closing, though, I offer my thanks to all the other scribes who've kept me company through the years, and also to everyone else who has stuck around and been supportive even in the slightest way. My people rock.

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