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Writing and voting... eventually

It's a day off for me and I've got several things I need to do. Among them: vote (cough cough), maybe trim a few bushes and things in the yard, and plow forward on this NaNoWriMo thing. I've chosen for now to procrastinate on all of these since the day is still fairly young.

NaNo first. I'm 1711 words deep into a story which has been jumping around in my head for over a year. The goal is 50,000 words in a month, which translates into 1667 words per day... so I'm slightly ahead of schedule at the moment. Not bad. I hope to stay that way, or at least keep an even pace. I thought 1700 words in a day would eat up massive chunks of time, but it really wasn't too bad yesterday, and though it's been awhile, I've managed that pace before for short periods.

I said earlier I believed that having a framework to hang this thing on would probably help. It turns out that statement was correct. Not anything as formalized as an outline, mind you, but more of a very general map... a globe, maybe. Here's Brazil, this is Australia, and this is Greenland. As for what goes on at a finer level — well, I'm working on it.

The yard cleanup? One of those things I keep threatening to do, and it might be today or it might not. I guess if it gets skipped, nature will just take its course... which, unfortunately, is part of the problem. And really, despite anything I may do, nature always wins anyway. That argument is the worst possible motivator.

Now: Voting, today's topic du jour. The big race, of course, is for Bob Byrd's Senate seat — and with all the negative advertising, I'm sure he's spinning in his grave. In fact, I suspect he's spinning so hard and so fast, we could probably connect a dynamo to his coffin and power the entire Eastern United States without touching a single seam of WV coal.

In my opinion, it's a mess. Just like in so many of the recent elections, predictions are split right down the middle (provided you can find a poll which doesn't historically favor one band of crazies over the other). Plus, the campaign degraded into a childhood game of "yes you are, no I'm not" so early this year, I just want to put both the "viable" candidates' noses in a corner and then have them write "Attack ads are useless and divisive rhetoric" on the blackboard a hundred times each. That'll teach 'em, dammit!

"There is another."

— Yoda

However it turns out, I'll be glad when this election is over. This is always the case for me. I just don't believe in running this country based on negative advertising and childish games and finger-pointing. That might be a naive viewpoint, but I don't think that's what we're all about.

Ok, enough stalling. I've got work to do here.

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