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What we've got here is...

...failure to communicate. Life, it seems, is coming to a head.

I now have two grandparents in the hospital, one on each side. I realize I'm pretty fortunate to have all four of my grandparents alive at my age — none of them are young. I realize, as much as I don't want to, that this is probably something I really should get more accustomed to. Still, it's a fairly big blow for me.

It's serious in both cases. Not entirely hopeless. The road to recovery for one, a (perhaps long) waiting game for the other. I'm being vague with most of the specifics here — part of that, I'll freely admit, is my own denial. And, part of it is because I suspect one of these will eventually erupt into a family drama.

Ace of Swords A wise friend of mine (let's call her Beth, because that's her name) once said faulty communication is to blame for a majority of conflicts. The older I've gotten, the more truth I've found in her statement... I've seen it time and time again. And, I think I'll see it come true again if this thing develops the way I think it's going to.

This is one of my pet peeves. When I find people who make an active effort against communicating (which is how I think this will go), it makes me feel like I'm swimming upstream. It makes me wonder if I'm just wasting my time trying.

At some point, I will learn, and just stop trying.

Outside, violent weather all around us and a day of 85 degree weather, Summer's last stand at the end of October, wind stripping every leaf from every tree until all is naked.

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