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Top 5 Internet memes ever

Ah, Internet memes. Aren't they fun? They used to be, back when they lasted more than a few days. I think the days of the long-lasting meme are coming to an end, though, and that is a sad day indeed.

So to pay tribute to this dying breed, here is a list of the top five Internet memes of all time.

5. Rickrolling

I don't know what started this, but it looks like it's never gonna give up. I only hope for Mr. Astley's sake that he gets paid royalties every time somebody gets Rickrolled... especially since one of the videos on YouTube has almost 39 million views so far. You know, I used to actually have this record, and this once was a popular song (number one on Billboard and numerous other charts worldwide). Which begs the question, of course: when was it more popular, 1988 or today?

Chuck Norris never uses alt tags.
4. Chuck Norris is awesome

Of course, if I didn't say that, he'd just come whip my ass. Honestly, this is one I just don't get. Chuck Norris superlatives, taken to the extremest of extremes, like "Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas." and "Chuck Norris doesn't mow his lawn, he stands on the porch and dares it to grow." have become very popular for some reason. Me? I don't care about Chuck Norris. I'd ask you not to tell him, but I'm sure he already knows.

I can haz graphics
3. LOL Cats

If someone told me the Internet was powered by cats, I might just believe them. And you know, in a world where you can take pictures of cats, put words on them, and watch it turn into a huge sensation, well... yeah, I guess anything's possible.

All your base are belong to us
2. All your base are belong to us

If you really must know, I've been dying to figure out how to squeeze that phrase into this blog somewhere.

Mix poor translation of an old video game with Internet magic, and you can find the phrase "All your base" almost anywhere. And I guarantee you if you said it to someone, they would know exactly what you were talking about. Well, kind of.

"You have no chance to survive make your time. Hahaha!"

— Cats

1. Whassup!

This is truly the big dog, no question. This made the rounds around the turn of the century when meme propagation was much more difficult than today. "Whassup!" quickly became the greeting of choice among dudes, dude-ettes, and basically everyone — and, it spawned several clones ranging from the Superfriends to random old ladies. It started as a Super Bowl commercial, jumped on the Internet, mutated several times, jumped off again, and became known to practically everyone, even those who had never seen the original commercial. This, in my mind, makes "Whasssup!" the number one Internet meme of all time.

Sorry Chuck.

I've got quite a few for the "honorable mention" list, which may pop up here another day. In the meantime, if you have a different opinion or you think there's one I forgot, by all means let me know.

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