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The waiting is the hardest part

Tick tock, Clarice. Patiently biding time here, winding down the hours and days until I move into the next phase of my life. I accepted the offer. Ultimately, I decided it was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I didn't want to look back on this moment in five, ten, fifteen years regretting not giving it a shot.

I'd feel a lot better about it if I had some kind of confirmation in writing. It feels like a dream at this point, some hurried exchange of phone calls and voice mails which may or may not have even happened. In one of those phone calls, I was given a starting date... and though I can't really vouch for the authority behind it, it's fairly soon. Some part of me is thinking this is the part where Charlie Brown is almost to the football, and he's really going to kick it this time, but Lucy's still going to yank it away at the last second so he falls flat on his ass and says, "Aaugh!" It definitely wouldn't be the first time, though I've always managed to pull through eventually.

Right now, there's a whole lot of nothing going on... which, compared to the hurried exchange of phone calls going on last week, is a little disconcerting. I understand there's a process here, I understand there is paperwork and such. I'm just excited, ready to get going, and impatient. It's spring, dammit, and I'm antsy.

This weekend, I shall distract myself with the season's first mowing (ah yes, it begins), probably the WVU game (can't believe WVU made the Final Four!), maybe some planting, and probably installing the toe kick on our kitchen cabinets — a minor detail we never got around to after getting the sink and everything hooked back up.

Oh... one more little blog update... a bunch of those social bookmarking icons at the end of each entry so you can Tweet it, or Digg it, or whatever it is the cool kids are calling it these days. Have fun!

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