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Some blog housekeeping

Hiya. Just a couple of updates to the blog I'd like to point out. These weren't really time-consuming or anything, and in fact, I've been playing with this slightly new look locally for awhile trying to decide if I liked it or not. I decided I did.

Just in case you're wondering why there's been a marked lack of entries lately, this isn't the reason. It's because 1) I've fallen asleep in my new recliner several evenings over the last couple of weeks, 2) raising two kids is much more challenging than raising one, especially when one of those is five years old, and 3) trading my mental energy for money all day long leaves less and less for me as I get older.

Now, with all that said... probably the biggest and most important thing is the search function in the top right corner. It cheats and uses Google. I built about half of a decent search thing myself, but ultimately decided it would become more trouble than it was worth and abandoned it. There's a bit of a lag before Google indexes newer stuff, but it seems to show up within a few days — I think that's good enough.

In the left sidebar, you'll find a couple of RSS icons for your subscribing pleasure. The entries here have always been available via RSS (the first paragraph, anyway), but there's never been an explicit link on the page — just the usual feed icon rendered by your browser. So now there's something to click too. A feed for comments is now available as well (that's actually been broken the last few days and is now fixed). I believe RSS is far better than email for pushing out subscription content despite rumblings that RSS is dead. If anything, it's become an invisible layer upon which other things now ride. Saying RSS is dead is equivalent to saying electricity is dead. Email, on the other hand, is a spam-ridden wasteland we've largely lost control over, and I predict it will be completely irrelevant within the next five years.

Last but not least, a bit of fluff — a torn paper look along both the sidebars, kind of an homage to earlier days when the written word was primarily on paper. It serves no other real purpose besides being eye candy. I wanted to spruce things up just a little without overdoing it, and I think that effect does the job pretty well.

So that's it. I like it, I hope you do too, and I may add a few other little touches here and there in the coming weeks... or maybe not.

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