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A day without snow

A rare weekend day without snow brought people out in droves to shop, run around, and shake off the cabin fever which has inflicted everyone for the last several weeks. That includes us. We started with lunch at McDonald's (even me, which is rare — Mickey D's normally makes me physically ill, no exaggeration) and we finished the day with a grocery cart piled high.

Here are some random pictures of our excursion. Strange things catch my attention sometimes. One strange thing which isn't pictured here — two guys in McDonald's wearing ties. One tie had Jesus on it, the other had a cross. If I thought I could have taken their pictures and gotten away with it, I would have.

Sweet tea, no sugar
Apparently when you order unsweet tea at McDonald's, what you really get is a sweet tea without sugar. I'm not sure what the difference is there, but it tasted just like unsweet tea to me. Fail.
Zip minus four
Just for the record, the zip code for Elkview is 25071. Either whoever programmed the cash register assumed "zip code" meant the normal five-digit variety, or somebody didn't read the instruction manual, or it wasn't clear how many digits were required, or something. Fail.
Recycle fail
I thought maybe a sign reading "This is not a trash can" would have done a more effective job here, but decided it probably wouldn't have after all. Fail.
Wheat Thins
These are your Wheat Thins...
Stoned Wheat Thins
...and these are your Wheat Thins on drugs. Any questions?
Snow on the mountain
And finally, a view of the mountainside covered with snow. Hopefully there will be less and less of this view in the near future and we'll instead see trees blooming and green leaves popping out.
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