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Wrapping up a random week

Here are a few quick updates on several things.

The cat is home and largely back to his old self, with three exceptions. First, his diet is now exclusively canned food instead of dry. He used to have dry food sitting out to nibble on as he pleased throughout the day while we were at work or otherwise out and about, with about a quarter can of canned food in the morning because it turned him into an effective alarm clock for me. Now he gets a whole can of canned food each day — half in the morning and half in the evening. The alarm clock effect remains with this arrangement, which is good. I have a few issues with the food itself, however. It's a prescription diet, and an expensive one at that. And, it's the exact same flavor day after day after day. Is it a bad thing to feed our pets a monotonous diet? Is it possible to find "over the counter" versions of prescription pet foods?

The second big change is antibiotics, which we've been through before. Charlie originally came from the Kanawha Animal Shelter and contracted a respiratory infection within days of arriving in our home. The treatment was a round of antibiotics, given orally. And, it's part of the treatment he's receiving now. If you've never given a cat medicine, let me tell you right now it's no fun. Fortunately — for both of us — this is a temporary thing, and when they run out, we're done with that torture.

Thirdly and lastly, he seems to be sleeping a lot more. That could be from the antibiotics, the stress of spending a weekend at the vet's, or maybe I'm noticing him more and he's been like that for awhile. It just seems there used to be a certain playfulness which is now absent.

Endless winter. It seems like we've been getting two big snowstorms a week since before Christmas, and in the nearly twelve years I've lived in Charleston, I think this is the worst winter I've seen. This is, in fact, the first winter we've bought salt for spreading on the sidewalk, porch, and porch stairs. It works amazingly well, though I will observe it works much better on the concrete sidewalk than it does on the wooden porch and stairs. Anyway, we have a little path down the sidewalk and into the driveway so we can get to the cars... only to scrape and sweep the snow off them nearly every morning. I'll say this: meteorology is a hell of a lot easier when the weather never changes. And I'm reminded of a scene from LA Story: "The forecast. Sunny. 72°. The next forecast will be in three days."

Rumor has it the kitchen counter will be in place Monday, and phase one of the kitchen remodel will be completed. Most importantly, we'll have a dishwasher and sink again. Doing dishes by hand is a pain in the arse. When we first moved back to WV from NC, we lived in Belle in a tiny little apartment (and most apartments are tiny little apartments). It had no dishwasher, so everything got washed by hand. I was out of work at the time so I assumed that duty, and I tried to get the dishes done every morning. By the time I was done I was usually in a pretty deep funk. Eventually we bought a used portable dishwasher from some old lady on the West Side. At the time, I thought it was the best fifty bucks I ever spent.

That's enough for now, I guess. Life is moving quickly now, and lots of things pop up and resolve in the space of a few hours — things which 1) hardly seem worth mentioning and 2) eat up enough of my time that I really don't have time to stop and think. Sad... I remember better days.

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