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Sick day

I took a sick day today. I went to bed shortly after 9:00 last night, citing not feeling well, then spent most of the night waking up from an uneasy sleep and running to the bathroom as various foul substances expelled themselves from my body. Had the Tennessee Valley Authority harnessed the force behind the expulsion, I think I could have single-handedly powered most of the Southeast for the next decade.

I can't remember the last time I took a day off due to illness. It is extremely rare. Most of the time I muscle through it — first of all, I'm not the kind of person to stay home in bed over every little sniffle; and second, I rarely get sick anyway. As far as spreading germs around the workplace goes, by the time you have symptoms, it's too late to prevent it — you've already infected people. Since I'm not handling food products or dealing with the general public, and 75% of my job is done in a cube, via email, phone, and remote control software, I generally just haul my germy self to work if I'm not completely incapacitated. Besides, I'm pretty sure somebody there gave it to me — why not pass the love along a little further? Isn't that how we develop immunity to these kinds of things?

My dreams during illness are bizarre. They always have been. For the last several nights (including last night) I've dreamed there were wasps in the house. My opinion on dreams wavers between "random neural misfirings" and "subconscious clues about the waking world." I heard once that houses represent the self in a dream — more specifically, the body or the physical self. As for the wasps, I have no idea. There were lots of them, they had built a nest, and I didn't have a good feeling about it at all. I just wanted to get them out of the house but was afraid to mess with them too much. I'll leave the analysis to the armchair psychiatrists... or the neuroscientists.

Here are some random things I've learned today in my infirm state:

  • Someone in our neighborhood has a rooster.
  • Roosters don't just crow in the morning.
  • The old lady across the street apparently works in her yard every single day.
  • There are lots of cats in this neighborhood, and when their owners aren't prompt about breakfast (or lunch), they complain a lot.
  • Our own cat sleeps all freaking day. Me being home doesn't alter that schedule one iota.
  • The house is very peaceful when the TV isn't blaring kids' shows nonstop.
  • I don't know what our neighbors do for a living, but they're about the same age as me, someone is always home because there's always a car in the driveway, and they never seem to want for much.
  • There are lots of crickets outside, and they're loud. Some part of me remembers this is normal for this time of year. Some other part of me is happy I can still remember that.

I think it's back to the grind tomorrow. Recovery proceeding apace, nothing more to see here.

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