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Driving inside computers

I got a new car. My old car was purchased shortly after 9/11 and it was a rather basic five-speed model with cruise control, air conditioning, and a CD player. Over the years I added a few minor upgrades to the vehicle as needed... such as a phone mount and a Bluetooth adapter for the stereo. The CD player quit working at some point, I don't recall when; but by the time it had, CDs were fairly obsolete anyway. The car suffered a mechanical failure a couple of weeks ago, mileage far into the six figures. Since the Blue Book value was way under what the repairs would have cost, I decided it was finally time to visit the car lot and make a big purchase.

So my new car also has cruise control and air conditioning. There is no CD player, which is fine with me. It has Bluetooth built in, which is also fine, and a big cubby in the front where I can